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There's no excuse for writing with an ugly pen!!

We have an ever expanding selection of pens to suit all budgets. Have a look at our different levels. The right one is waiting to find you.

We aren’t just a one trick pony. We have many different styles of pens but those aren’t all we carry. We also offer an expanding variety of products including Key Chains, Wooden Coasters, Cutting Boards and more. We even have Magic Wands! 

We are always looking for new products to carry. If you have an idea for something you don’t see on our site or see something you like but you’d like it in a different color, feel free to contact us and ask if we can do something custom for you. We enjoy a challenge!!

Check out our in-stock items. Regardless of style or personality we’re sure you’ll find that just right item for the hardest to please person. 

Drop us a line from our contact page to find out more.


Our Slimline pens, in both wood and acrylic resin, are a good entry level pen for someone getting started with designer or custom pens. We have many colors and materials to choose from. We simply couldn’t give a true representation of what we have available with one picture. The pens you see here are just the start. 


Oue tier two pens are a step above a basic pen. This tier has a few more options and styles to choose from. While being cost effective, these pens offer a quality alternative to just a normal pen. These  pens offer a simple and elegant design while drawing attention to your style and flair. 


Now things are getting interesting. Formerly called our Executive Level pens, these show your personality in a whole new light. With a variety of styles to choose from, these eye catching pens are not only a great conversation starter, they speak to your personality. Using these pens will definitely get you noticed. 


These pens, while being perfect for everyday use, are an excellent addition for the office or board room. They are stylish, sleek and just plain elegant. These are the pens you need to be using to get you noticed. While not being over the top or garish, they are the pens you would expect to see being used by people in positions that demand respect. 


There is just no other way to say it. We couldn’t bring ourselves to put these in any other category. It just would not do them justice. These are the creme de la creme.  They are a perfectly suited and right at home on the desk of any true leader. These are the pens you want to use for signing multi-million dollar contracts or changing the world. They are the epitome of power and class. Selection in this category is limited as we are just as discerning in choosing styles and materials as you are in your choice of these exquisite creations. 


We offer a number of sets including Pen and Pencil, His and Hers or Couples sets. Though every pen we make is unique, we do our best with sets to make them as simlar as possible. This includes the style, shape and size of the body, the color and look of the materials used. No two pens will ever be exactly the same but, with these, we come as close as we can. 


These pens come in a huge varitety of themes and styles. They range from Pens representing Breast Cancer Awareness to Motorcycle pens, the Skull and everything in between. If you don’t see a theme you like you can definitely contact us and ask if there is something out there for you. We’ve done a number of themes so far but you’d be surprised what we can get. The selection is just too great to carry them all. That said if you ask for it and we can find it, we’ll make it for you. 


Fountain pens have been around for a long time and in years of late they are making a definite comeback. Whether it be a budget freindly writing instrument or a classy, higher end conversation piece or a Caligraphy set to let your artistic talents show through, we have something to peak your interest. 


Writing instruments are not the only offerings we have. In fact the number and types of products we carry is ever expanding. From Coasters and Coaster sets right down to some pretty cool guitar picks. We like to experiment and to push ourselves to see what else we can create. If you can come up with an idea, it’s likely that we’re willing to give it a shot. Have a look at what we have and feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions. 


What do you say when you’ve made items that don’t really fit into other categories? You’ll find everything from Seam Rippers and Crochet Sets to Magic Wands here. No. We’re not kidding. These won’t work for if you’re going to Hogwarts but kids, and the occasional adult, seem to love them. This is where you look if you want Kitchen items or just to see what crazy thing we’ve come up with now. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.